What is Squash Stars?

Squash Stars is an action-packed six-week programme for kids aged 5-9 that develops skills and confidence in a fun and safe setting.

Here's what you can expect:

What's included?

For just £20, your child will receive six coaching sessions delivered by a qualified leader as well as a Squash Stars branded t-shirt. Your Squash Stars venue will provide racket, balls and goggles for your child.

Why Squash Stars?

  • Your child will have bags of fun whilst being active and learning something new in a welcoming and supportive space.
  • They'll learn the fundamental skills to play squash, and develop hand-eye co-ordination, racket work, and match play.
  • The sessions boost confidence and will push them out of their comfort zone.
  • It's a great opportunity to make friends outside of school.
  • It’s an indoor sport, so they can avoid the unpredictable British weather and stay warm!

What parents say...

Graeme Jones

engaging course which has educated my kids about a sport they knew nothing about and encouraged them to continue!

Omer Abram

It has been a really simple process getting involved, we loved the starter pack he received and his coach has been so enthusiastic and patient with him! We are all inspired and I may be taking up the sport too now.

Saiqa Nagi

Supplying the squash racquet and other equipment that the children needed gave them all they needed to continue playing. It has been a great opportunity for children to meet new friends and have fun whilst exercising.

Clare Cavanagh

Loved it, full of energy, instructors were great, the kit provided for the course was fantastic, the price was brilliant.