A squash programme for children aged 5-11 that’s out of this world

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What is Squash Stars?

Squash Stars is an action-packed programme for kids aged 5-11 that develops skills and confidence in a fun and safe setting.

What does your Squash Star get?

For just £42, your star will get six sessions and a kit bag which includes a racket, ball, Squash Stars t-shirt and a pair of goggles straight to your door.

Why should my child try Squash Stars?

Squash will leave your child beaming from ear to ear. As it’s suitable for kids of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes, squash provides an inclusive space where they can truly belong. It’s also an indoor sport, so they can avoid the unpredictable British weather and stay warm on court! By taking part in Squash Stars, your child will benefit in many ways:

  • They'll have tonnes of fun whilst being active and learning something new.
  • They'll learn the fundamental skills to play squash, developing hand-eye co-ordination, racket work, and match play.
  • They can put their new skills into practice and head to the court as a family, giving you an opportunity for extra quality time together.
  • It's an opportunity to make friends outside of school.
  • The sessions boost confidence and encourages them to reach for the stars.